Bay Area Gender Specialists is a group of mental health professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area who work with transgender, and gender nonconforming people. Clients and communities we work with include people who fall under the umbrella term trans*, those who identify as intersex, crossdressers, agender, nonbinary, genderfluid, gender nonconforming, and genderqueer, as well as those who are exploring and questioning gender.  While each of us has a unique style and approach, we share in common the perspective that transgender and gender nonconforming people affirming care that supports self-actualization, empowerment, and autonomy.

Bay Area Gender Specialists is neither a group psychotherapy practice nor a legal entity. It exists for the purposes of being a resource to transgender and gender nonconforming communities and promoting professional development of its members. Bay Area Gender Specialists assumes no liability for individual members’ work or practices. This site makes no endorsement of any individual member’s professional practice or areas of expertise.